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The website aimed to serve you with in-depth information to help you buy the ideal mattress topper for your needs.

Whether you’re looking mattress topper for pure comfort, hygienic reason, or pain relief, you are in the right place.

So who’s writing all this stuff?

I am! Well, and I have some helpers.alexstones_profilepic

My name is Alex Stones, and I am in charge of all TopperSpotter content and all other fun that comes with owning and maintaining a website.

I am a light sleeper myself and therefore need every bit of comfort I can get to get a good night’s rest. I tried everything to get better sleep and eventually decided to get myself a mattress topper to see if it helps at all.

I have already gone through the pain of trying to choose a mattress topper from all these endless options out there, and hopefully, my experience will save you time and money.

This website wouldn’t be what it is without my trusted editor and also my two assistants who help out with research and reviews.

Where do you get your information?

All available public sources, and you can see citations at the bottom of most of the articles.

We go intense in our searches for new information, as all materials on this website go through diligent research in order to provide you with honest guides and reviews.

I have read so much about mattress toppers I honestly could write a book. But a neat little website is a good start. I also get hands dirty and test products whenever possible.

When it comes to writing on topics out of my depth, such as areas where health expertise is required, I get experts in the field involved to give you even better insight.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you find this website useful!