Wouldn’t it be nice if heated mattress pads had a pre-heat option that you can control remotely, so you can go home and curl up in your cozy-warm bed?

Or perhaps you want to automate your pad, so it would heat up just before your alarm goes off. So you won’t end up wasting time in bed trying to stay warm and actually get to work on time.

Don’t worry, there is a solution to this.

Enter: WiFi heated mattress pads!

Get your bed warm and cozy even if you’re not home.

Let’s take a closer look at the best Wi-Fi heated mattress pads and find out how to level up your heated pad.

Heated Mattres Pad Comparison



Price / Review

Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 1Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 2

Eight Sleep Tracker and Smart Bed Cover

  • Sleep Tracker

  • Smart Alarm

  • WiFi-enabled

Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 3Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 4

SoftHeat Smart Heated Mattress Pad

  • Easy to Use

  • 100% Washable

  • 10 Adjustable Temperature Levels

Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 5

Eight Sleep Pod

  • Advanced Temperature Control

  • Warm & Cool Setting

  • 11'' Premium Foam

Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 6Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 7

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug

  • Away-from-home Feature

  • Easy to Use

  • Voice Command

Eight Sleep Tracker and Smart Mattress Cover (w/WiFi)Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 8Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 9

We start off with one of the most advanced heated mattress pads on the market – 1st generation Eight sleep tracker and smart mattress cover.

This next-level mattress pad looks futuristic and has some pretty cool features.

Fun fact: Eight sleep tracker kicked off as a crowdfunding project.

6048 people backed this project and contributed over 1 million dollars in total.

How cool is that?

Let’s what kind of features this ‘1 million dollar’ heated mattress pad has to offer.


  • The best feature of this sleep tracker is its ability to control the mattress’s preferred temperature on both sides. For controlling the temperature, simply download the Eight app on the smartphone. Users will get temperature levels to choose from, with one being warm and ten being extremely warm.
  • Fits into just about any mattress, turning your bed into one of a kind smart bed.
  • Eight sleep tracker will allow you to review your sleeping pattern. It records aspects like lightness and depth of sleep, heart rate, etc. This helps in discovering sleep trends to improve your sleep.


Eight Sleep Tracker & Smart Mattress Cover Review

Special Features

  • One of Eight sleep tracker’s unique features is the smart alarm. This feature helps to keep track of your sleep, and yes, it sounds the alarm. For example, when a person is in light sleep and in a state of mind to wake up, the alarm will buzz automatically.


  • Another notable feature of this first generation Eight sleep tracker is its ability for smart home connectivity. Users can sync their smartphones, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, or any other WiFi-enabled devices. Users can turn off the lights and even brew some coffee in the coffee machine with this feature!


• The Eight sleep tracker is updated daily.

• Sleep tracker can track two people.

• Eight sleep tracker provides features for different temperature levels for two people.


• WiFi connection may not be as reliable.

• Connecting to the customer care service of this Eight sleep tracker takes time.

• The heat of the mattress is adjustable only through the Eight app.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress PadBest Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 10Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 11

If the Eight sleep tracker sounds too high tech or perhaps your WiFi connectivity isn’t the best, don’t worry! There is an alternative option to WiFi.

SoftHeat mattress pad may not have WiFi support, but it does have a micro-velour fabric that is super comfortable to sleep on.

It also has a low voltage unit, so no need to worry about the electric bill!

Pro Tip: Combine this heated pad with Smart WiFi Plug and you got yourself a WiFi heated mattress pad. 

Safety warning: Make sure the plug is able to handle the load of the heating pad before you try this


  • This heated electric pad comes with two controllers for Queen and King beds with up to ten adjustable temperature levels. For other bed sizes, the electric pad comes with one controller only.
  • The buttons on the controllers light up so that it is visible for use at night. It also has auto-dimmers for people who don’t prefer the light at night. After ten hours, the controllers shut off on its own.
  • The mattress pad’s soft heat technology is non-hazardous. Therefore, no need to worry when it gets wet or when pet animals climb on top.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad Review

Special Features

  • The unique feature of this SoftHeat smart heated mattress pad is that it is 100% washable. Simply remove the cords and wash it in warm water.
  • Its other striking feature is that it helps people rejuvenate and de-stress by lying down on its warm, comfortable surface.


• This smart heated electric mattress pad is incredibly soft and comes at a reasonable price.

• Users will not be able to feel the wires of the electric pad.

• The heated pad fits perfectly in the mattress and heats the mattress evenly.

• The controls of the heated mattress pad are straightforward to use.


  • There may emit a buzzing sound from the power cord of the heated mattress pad.

Eight Sleep Podeight sleep pod mattress image

If you are looking for the ultimate high-end mattress when it comes to controlling the temperature and getting a good night’s rest, go no further!

Featuring the Eight sleep pod, which comes with highly-advanced technology and dynamic heating and cooling features. The best part is that you can simply connect it to WiFi or a smartphone!

Have a closer look at the probably the most advanced mattress ever created.


  • Eight Sleep Pod features four layers and 11-inches of premium foam. Sleep like a Queen (or King) in style and comfort.
  • Eight sleep pod’s mattress design allows for maximum airflow for better cooling performance.
  • Like the other Eight sleep mattresses, the Eight sleep pod app will also monitor your sleep. Information about the night’s sleep, including a result of the overall sleep quality and other features like sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep, etc. will be available by default.
  • Eight sleep pod also comes with smart home connectivity, making for a comfortable stay at home.

Eight Sleep Pod Review

Special Features

  • The Eight sleep pod mattress’s distinct feature is its cooling feature.
  • Set the temperature of the mattress manually on each side. You can also change the temperature of the bed to warm or cool according to the sleep stage.
  • The Eight sleep pod’s app also allows users to set different temperature levels when you’re in a deep sleep and for the morning when it’s time to wake up.


• The Eight sleep pod can connect to any and every smart device at home.

• Its customized cooling feature enables one to sleep warm without turning it off if the temperature gets too hot


• Advanced technology and cooling features come at quite a steep price.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link

Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 12Best Heated Mattress Pads with WiFi 2022 13
Nope, we’re not done yet.

How about moving on to an even more innovative technology? Not that Eight sleep pod is caveman technology, but here’s something more affordable and also quite ingenious

Consider a smart plug that can control electronics and appliances from wherever and whenever. Just how convenient is that?

Let’s what makes Kasa smart WiFi plug one of the best smart WiFi plugs available.


  • With TP-Link’s Kasa app, you can schedule electronic devices to turn on and off at scheduled times. It is compatible with both Android and Control iOS.
  • You can also enable voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This will allow for a hands-free, comfortable experience.
  • The Kasa app also allows users to add more than one smart plug to control various electronic devices.
  • Users can also connect television sets to the smart plug and schedule a time to turn off. This way, it will keep track on how much time kids spend watching television.

Kasa Smart WiFi Plug by TP-Link Reviw

Special Features

The unique feature of this Kasa smart plug has got to be the away-from-home feature. Here, users can automatically set the lights to turn on and off when nobody is at home.

This will give people the idea that someone is home.

Pro tip: feel free to add lifesize cardboard cutouts as Kevin did in Home Alone for added effect.

All that a user will require is a strong internet connection to access devices from just about anywhere.


• The Kasa smart WiFi plug app is easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

• The Kasa smart plug helps in monitoring the amount of energy consumption.

• Kasa smart plug’s ability for voice command makes it even more convenient.


• Kasa’s smart plug design blocks the outlets situated above or below it.

• Kasa smart plug is currently not compatible with Apple HomeKit.


WiFi Heated Mattress Pads – The Ultimate Buying Guide

How to use smart WiFi plug with heated pads

Using a smart WiFi plug with heated mattress pads is possible.

However, you need to make sure that the smart plug can handle the heated mattress pad’s electric load.

Considering this, make sure to opt for the best heated mattress pad, which is safe and compatible with a smart plug.

How it works with WiFi

Insert the heated mattress pad connection into the smart WiFi plug.

Now, download the plug’s app on your smartphone.

Upon downloading, pair the app with the smart plug.  The instructions will be on display on the screen.

Now that the heated mattress pad is WiFi-enabled, you can control the mattress’s temperature directly through the app.

WiFi heated mattress pad safety

  • Before purchasing any heated mattress pads, you should first consider whether it is safe for usage or not. For instance, make sure that it meets the set standards of safety regulations for electrical bedding products.
  • Make sure the plug is able to handle the load of the blanket
  • It is crucial to go through the label thoroughly before making any purchases. As it is, not all heated mattresses are safe for everyone, especially people who have specific health issues or with little kids at home.

Ease of use

Check that all components that come with a heated mattress pad are easy to use.

For example, the controllers may not be comfortable for all to use.

Some may prefer pushbuttons; some may prefer a large rather than a small display of numbers. Some may also like wireless controllers.

Therefore, make sure to go for heated mattress pads that come with convenient controllers.


  • How does one ensure that a heated mattress pad is of the best quality? The warranty information on the mattress pad! Ideally, a heated mattress of the best quality will come with a five-year warranty.
  • Another way to ensure the best quality heated mattress pad is its covering material. This covering should ideally be firm, and it should not easily pull or pick on the cover.
  • Another hint of a high quality heated mattress pad is thin and flexible wires, which will allow for a comfortable and smooth surface to sleep on.

Heated mattress pad or heated electric blanket?

why not both gif

If you get super cold during the night, then you might as well go for both. You get the heat from top and bottom, it’s like sleeping in the oven!

However, here’s some key differences that may sway you towards one or another.

  • Heated electric blankets are non-washable, whereas most heated mattress pads are waterproof or damp to a specific limit.
  • With heated electric blankets, the heat may escape through the openings. Whereas heated mattress pads will keep the body warm by sending the heat up, with no escape for heat.

Temperature control

Controlling the temperature of the mattress should be a piece of cake! Whether the controllers are push buttons or digital, the controllers are pretty simple to use.


Smart WiFi plug with heated mattress pads will give users plenty of options to personalize their mattresses according to their needs.

For one, users can connect to Google Alexa or Google Assistant to enable voice command.

One can also opt to turn the heated mattress pad on or off, whether at home or not.

As mentioned above, all that one will require is a strong internet connection to work effortlessly.


  • Ensure that the mattress pad is in good shape with no rips on it.
  • Make sure to turn off the mattress pad when not in use. The mattress pad will last for long if it is not unnecessarily in use.
  • Go for the mattress pad that actually fits your bed. The pads are more prone to damage if they are in use in the wrong-sized beds.
  • Ensure that kids are not playing with the controllers of the mattress pads or jumping on the bed.


We covered some of the most innovative and technologically advanced WiFi heated mattress pads in this guide.

As you see, these pads are very much useful and easy to operate. They are washable, allow for good sleep, turn off on its own, and come with other cool features.

We hope you found this guide helpful in choosing the best option that suits your needs and budget.

Which heated mattress pad did you like the most?

Let us know in the comments section!