Just like the name suggests, mattress toppers are an additional layer or pad that goes above the mattress for extra support and comfort.

Mattress toppers are a smart investment to enhance and improve the overall quality of your bed, while also lengthening the lifespan of the mattress beneath it.

How long mattress topper lasts depends on many different factors.

The numbers below are mostly the best case scenario assuming topper is properly maintained.

There are different mattress toppers out there, and each topper has its lifespan based on the material its made from.

While some of them may last close to 10 years if taken care of, it’s important to know that some of them may lose the initial feel and wear down after a couple of years of use.

Let’s break them down by type and material.

How Long Does a Mattress Topper Last - Chart


natural latex mattress topper material

Latex toppers are becoming quite popular as they are more durable, flexible, and resilient. Latex toppers are available in two types- Dunlop and Talalay.

They’re also anti-bacterial, go back to its original shape post-use, and even mold itself based on your body’s movements, which is perfect for people who move a lot in their sleep.

Latex mattress toppers can generally last you for about 12-14 years and outlast most other toppers by 5-8 years. Most latex toppers come in 1-4 inches in thickness. However, they can be quite pricey.

Although these toppers are durable, they can also break easily; so take care when handling it. Exerting pressure on the topper can ruin it and in turn, reduce its durability.



down material

Feather mattress toppers use natural feathers or downs of birds(typically duck and goose) to offer you a posh level of comfort.

Feather toppers are typically cheaper than other toppers and are an excellent choice as it can soften firm mattresses and provide comfort. It also requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, it’s not good for long.

The average lifespan of feather toppers is generally 8-10 years. However, the feathers tend to poke out of the fabrics over time, causing possible discomfort and also reducing its durability.


Memory Foam

memory foam mattress topper material

These toppers are another favorite among topper fans. They are available in 2-4 inch thickness. Perhaps the best option for those living in a warmer region, memory foam topper, also provides a good night’s sleep as it molds itself according to your body’s shape and avoids pressure.

It can last for 6-10 years and can even last longer depending on its quality, density and how its used.

These toppers will lose its durability if not cleaned regularly, so to maximize its lifespan, you guessed it, you need to maintain it properly.

Should you flip a memory foam mattress topper?

It is not advisable to flip foam topper to prolong its life as they’re designed to work on one side only.



wool material

Wool toppers are usually more expensive than most toppers, but its exceptional durability makes up for it. Wool toppers are great for both summer and winter. They also provide extra softness and comfort.

However, wool toppers may not be able to mold according to your body’s shape like the other toppers.

Frequently spilling liquids, not cleaning it for an extended period, or even washing it without proper precaution can shave off a couple of years off its lifespan. A good quality topper usually lasts for 9-12 years.


Pillow Top

Pillow top

Pillow-tops are usually attached to the mattress and also provide excellent support. These toppers offer a soft feel and comfort.

Pillow-tops can mold itself and relieve pressure points according to your body. They are also one of the most comfortable toppers out there.

They are generally durable, but it also depends on how they are maintained. Shocking, right?

A decent quality topper added with proper maintenance can last longer, somewhere between 5-7 years.


fiber mattress topper

Fiber toppers don’t last as long as other toppers. After using it for a while, it may flatten or get compressed and cause discomfort.

Fiber mattress toppers are quite affordable compared to other toppers and also a great option to soften your firm mattress.

They also help in alleviating pressure points and relieving back pains.

Fiber toppers are not as supportive as other toppers and also lack in noise reduction.

How To Maintain Mattress Toppers To Make Them Last

While most mattress toppers are generally durable, without proper care or maintenance, even the best toppers may not last long.

It is recommended to clean the toppers regularly, keeping in mind that each topper is made with different materials and hence requires a different approach of cleaning.

mattress topper maintenance

Have a look at these helpful tips but always check instructions for cleaning and maintenance as they may vary slightly between different brands and materials.

Feather and Cotton

If you own a feather or cotton topper, make sure you read instruction to maintain and clear this topper properly. These toppers are quite fragile and get damaged easily if not handled properly.

Exposing it to sunlight every 5 months can actually help to maintain its quality. While cleaning feather toppers, using liquid detergents can retain the quality of its fillings as it stops the oils present in the feathers from getting removed.


As for toppers made of wool, green dry cleaning is the ideal way to clean it. Small spots or dirt can be removed using lukewarm water. In order to keep it fluffy and clean, it must be exposed to sunlight and aired regularly.


Fiber toppers are generally washable but must be washed with cold water to avoid shrinking it or stretching its elasticity and must be dried outside during the day to kill germs or dust mites.

Memory foam and Latex

Vacuuming them regularly can actually help maintain its quality and last longer.

Another alternative would be steam cleaning, but you must avoid extremely hot steams as it can damage them. And avoid direct exposure to sunlight, soaking, or even putting it in the dryer.

Additionally, consider using a mattress protector as it can keep your topper clean by avoiding accidental stains.

Besides, the protector is much easier to clean compared to toppers as you can just throw it into the washing machine from time to time.


Mattress toppers can immensely help in maintaining and expanding the lifespan of a mattress. Investing in a good quality topper can be somewhat expensive and might need some effort to preserve it, but the many benefits that come with it can make up for it.

From protecting your mattress from stain, dust, and bacteria to improving the quality, comfort, reliability, and durability, mattress toppers provide an excellent overall sleeping experience.

Although mattress toppers can improve your mattress, it needs some care and maintenance as well to last longer. So even mattress toppers need to be maintained and cleaned while the materials of the toppers must be kept in mind to avoid deteriorating it.