So you got yourself a brand new mattress topper, but you feel a bit puzzled how to do the bed with one. 

Does it go under the sheet? Over the sheet?! And what about deep pocket sheets?

No shame in that as there are different types of mattress pads out there and also different ways to make your bed. 

how to make a bed


The process is simple, and without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The following points will help in answering the frequently asked questions about how to make a bed with your newly purchased mattress topper.


Just follow these 5 easy steps 

1. Well-Maintained Mattress Is Essential To Make Your Bed Look Stunning

How To Make a Bed With a Mattress Topper

  • After reading reviews and expert opinions, zero in on the best mattress topper product that is suitable for a specific foundation.
  • It is crucial to rotate and flip the bed mattress a couple of times a year to make sure the wear is even on all sides.
  • Maintaining a leveled surface will allow the mattress topper to sit firmly and avoid causing dents on the surface.
  • An even bed surface allows for the bed sheet to cover the surface adequately and maintain a smooth appearance of the bed.

2. Use Deep Pocket Sheets

  • Roll out the mattress topper on top of the bed mattress.
  • Carefully make sure to adjust the sides and smooth out any ripples or folds.
  • It is essential to use deep pocket sheets that fit appropriately and can cover the whole mattress.
  • Never make the mistake of using a regular spreadsheet that usually comes in less than 11 inches.
  • A conventional bedspread is 22 inches, which is more than enough to envelop the mattress completely and will keep it in place.
  • Using the regular sheets will only shift or dislodge the bedsheet whenever people sleep or sit on it.

3. Leave Some Extra Sheet Hanging

  • After arranging the topper and laying the bedspread, it is important to make sure that there is an extra sheet hanging on all four sides of the bed.
  • Having extra layer hanging out will allow for tucking in the sheets tightly, which will keep the topper intact.
  • It also answers the question does a mattress topper go under the sheet, as it sandwiches the topper between the bed mattress and the bedspread.

4. Consider Making Double-Folded Corners

  • Making double-folded corners or hospital corners of the bedsheet help in ensuring a firm grip.
  • However, the folding under the bed mattress need not have to be complicated or follow a particular design as it is totally up to the preference of the user.
  • It is not a hard task to know how to put on a mattress topper as it does not come with long instructions, plugs, and screws that need fitting.

5. Fine Tune To It To Your Preference

How To Make a Bed With a Mattress Topper - Easy 5 Step Guide 1

  • Tucking in the blanket like the hospital corners is helpful; however, it is all dependent on preference.
  • Laying or folding the quilt in a specific design is also acceptable, as well.

-Maintain your mattress in order to keep the surface smooth.

-Use deep pocket sheets to fit in your mattress and mattress topper.

-Leave extra sheet hanging on all sides in order to tuck them in tighter.

-Make hospital corners to get an even firmer grip.

-Put on final touches to your bed look extra special

What Is A Mattress Pad

They have become a huge success and highly demanded in the market these days. Many companies have started to manufacture mattress accessories that are sure to enhance and make the sleeping experience better.

Suggestive of its name toppers are an extra, one to four inches pad or covers that enhances the stability of bed mattresses.

A mattress pad is laid on top of a mattress and it extends the lifespan of a mattress by protecting it. 

It’s no surprise there could be confusion and lots of questions about how to make a bed with a mattress topper, does a mattress topper go under the sheet and how to put on a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers come in various materials and types. It is the perfect enhancer to give the bed extra support and also help people to relax better.

Before randomly purchasing any brand of the topper, it is crucial to do thorough research to know which one is the right quality product and last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to put memory foam mattress topper on bed?

Remove sheets and blankets off your bed. Figure out which way is up on your memory foam topper.

If not sure, push your hand on it. If the topper conforms to the shape of your hand, you’ve found the top side.

Place your topper on top of the mattress and proceed to make your bed as normal.

You can also use a protector to keep the topper in place and also to protect it.

Egg crate mattress pad bumps up or down?

Bumps up is the correct way.

However, if you feel more comfortable bumps down, we promise we’re not going to call police on you!

Do you put a fitted sheet over a mattress protector?

Yes, to keep it short. Use a fitted sheet for added comfort and hygiene.



So, using mattress topper is the safest way to preserve and protect the bed mattress from further damage. It also acts as an ache and pain reliever with its soft surface and smooth feel.

The comforting material in the mattress topper gives support to physical pain and cushion for relief.

Additionally, a mattress topper helps to save money by preventing from buying a new mattress every time the old one withers and spoils.