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How to clean egg crate foam mattress topper

February 2, 2023

Tired of waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Don't blame it on your egg crate foam mattress topper. You'll discover how to clean your egg crate foam mattress topper and keep it looking new for years with this step-by-step instruction. So, take your detergent and go to work!

egg crate mattress topper

Step 1: Check the care instructions on the label

Check the care directions on the packaging before you begin cleaning your egg crate foam mattress topper. Some foam products cannot be cleaned, while others may be washed in a washing machine on a soft cycle. If you can't wash your mattress topper, spot clean it with a light detergent and warm water.

Step 2: Remove the mattress topper from the bed

Place the mattress topper in the washing machine after removing it from your bed.

Step 3: Use a mild detergent and wash on a gentle cycle

Use a moderate cycle and a light detergent. Bleach and fabric softener should be avoided since they might harm the foam and diminish its ability to support your body.

Step 4: Rinse thoroughly and dry on low heat setting

After washing, properly rinse the foam to eliminate any remaining detergent. Then, dry the foam on a low heat setting in the dryer. High heat should be avoided since it might cause the foam to shrink.

Step 5: Put it back on your bed

Once the foam has dried, replace it on your bed and enjoy a restful night's sleep on a new and clean mattress topper.

Step 6: Maintain the mattress topper

It's crucial to remember that egg crate foam mattress toppers can yellow over time due to dirt and oil accumulation. Wash your mattress topper every six months to keep it looking brand new. To guarantee even wear, rotate the mattress topper every few months. Use a waterproof mattress protector and keep the mattress topper away from direct sunshine and extreme heat.

Following these easy procedures will ensure years of pleasant and supportive sleep on your egg crate foam mattress topper. Let's be honest: who doesn't enjoy waking up on the white side of the bed? Have fun cleaning!


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