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How to clean IKEA mattress topper

February 15, 2023

Do you want to know how to clean your IKEA mattress topper? We have just the guide for you! Cleaning an IKEA mattress topper is a simple chore, but it is essential to do it correctly in order to maintain the topper's quality and degree of comfort. To maintain your IKEA mattress topper looking and feeling like new, follow our step-by-step guide.

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Step 1: Determine the Material of Your Mattress Topper

Before you begin cleaning your mattress topper, determine the material it is made of. IKEA sells a broad range of mattress toppers, including memory foam, cotton, and polyester. Knowing the material of your topper might assist you decide how to clean it properly.

Step 2: Clean the Topper

Once you've determined the material of your topper, you may begin cleaning. Begin by vacuuming the upholstery using an upholstery attachment. Take your time and be sure to get the mattress topper's sides and corners.

Step 3: Clean Stains on the Spot

Then, address any specific stains on your topping. If you have an oil-based stain, spot clean it with a light detergent and warm water. For severe stains, you may want to choose a cleaner designed specifically for the material your topper is made of.

Step 4: Clean Water Rinse

After you've spot cleaned the mattress topper, rinse it with clean water. This will aid in the removal of any lingering dirt and soap residue.

Step 5: Allow the Topper to Dry

Finally, the mattress topper must be dried. The ideal method is to hang it from a clothesline or railing. If you can't hang it outside, you may speed up the drying process with a fan or hairdryer.

Congratulations! You've washed your IKEA mattress topper successfully. You can maintain your topper looking and feeling like new for years by following these tips.


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