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How To Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding – 9 Quick Hacks

So you got yourself a new mattress topper, and it’s nice and comfortable.

But you have to get out of the bed ten times per night to adjust it because it keeps sliding and waste your precious beauty sleep time.

It is uncomfortable, unpleasant for the body, and makes it annoying to sleep.

Besides, it affects the quality of sleep, and directly your health and wellness.

sliding mattress topper

Problem with a sliding mattress topper?

But don’t worry, we made a well-researched article to let you know the best little hacks that you can try right now to keep mattress topper in place.

How To Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding

Here are the quick fixes so that there would be no topper slipping off your bed the next time you are taking a quick nap. These should work for most materials such as latex, memory foam mattress toppers and etc.

But before, let’s find what causes toppers to slide in the first place.

Reasons why mattress toppers slide:

  • If the mattress is not suitable for your bed type.
  • If the material of the sheet is either too “slippery” like silk, satin, and satin, or too “thin” for example, thin cotton, linen, calico.
  • If you do not use a mattress pad, and your mattress consists of eco-friendly materials that do not hold a sheet.

9 Ways to Keep Mattress Topper in Place

1. Rubber Mat

Place a rubber mat under the mattress between the mattress topper and the box spring.

This will result in more friction on the underside of the mattress topper because the rubber mat will grab and keep the mattress pad from sliding off.

These are available quite cheap at most supermarkets.

2. Move The Bed Against a Wall

This works like a charm and can be one of the easiest solutions.

Move the bed against a wall, yes it’s that simple. This limits the direction in which the mattress can slide.

If the mattress is in the corner of the room, it is unlikely to slip a lot.

3. Mattress Topper Straps

An excellent solution for people who are used to waking up on a bare mattress, and accustomed to the fact that the bed toppers are regularly slipping and falling, is to buy a holder.

These come in various shapes and sizes. You can easily find one that suits you online.

Some of the mattress topper come with corner straps. If your topper doesn’t have that feature then you can easily find these on Amazon.

Mattress protector with straps is another decent option that is also fairly cheap and all of these are very easy and straightforward to use.

4. Double-Sided Carpet Tape

This works exceptionally well to stop bed toppers from sliding off. Although these are used for carpets to maintain their firmness, these can also be used for bed toppers.

An adhesive that is present in the double-sided carpet tape can create a strong bond between the bed and the bed topper so that it will not slide.

5. Velcro

Velcro comes with an adhesive and can help bed topper to stick to the bed frame so that it doesn’t move.

Place strips on the bottom of the mattress topper and to the bed frame and place them correctly.

Should be decent enough to eliminate sliding.

6. Gorilla Grip Mat and Yoga Mat

Gorilla grip mat or a rug pad is a special mat that is specially made for this purpose.

It is also possible to use thin yoga mats to prevent sliding.

Yoga mats are grippy, which makes them perfect for this purpose.

Just place them under the topper and you’re good.

7. Welcome Mat

If you’re desperate, a welcome mat that people use near doors can be used as a great fix.

All you have to do is fold the doormat so that the grippy side is on both sides and place it between the mattress and bed frame.

Wash it first, of course!

8. Other Products

There are certain products available in the market that can help to minimize the bed sliding.

For example, another quick fix is to get a fitted sheet. That way you can fit the mattress topper under it so it will have no room to slide.

Keep in mind the size of the sheet as you will most likely need to get it bigger as you have the additional thickness thanks to the topper. Couple those with fasteners or suspenders and you got yourself a winning combination.

Suspenders can also work to keep the mattress pad from bunching

Additionally, you can use special clamps of a wide elastic band with plastic or metal clips on the ends; they can be purchased both online and in stores.

Use gear holders for curtains and paper clips, which are possible to attach the fabric to some types of mattress toppers.

Sew the corners of the sheets with ribbons or bands, by which the canvas is stretched on the mattress and is secured below without any slipping. Sew buttons and loops or adhesive tape to the sheets and mattress toppers for a quick fix to sliding issues.

9. Make Sure Mattress Topper or Bed Frame Isn’t Root of the Problem

Often people buy a mattress topper that is way too small for their bed. This gives a lot of space and is prone to slipping that can irritate every one of us.

Try to buy a mattress topper that’s perfect for your bed, or you can try to fill the space with some materials or anything that you like to get rid of sliding.

There’s also a chance that your mattress or bed frame has become old.

Clean the mattress topper or bed frame thoroughly.

If any of them are more than five years old, it is time to buy a new one because all these solutions can soon wither out due to the decrease in the quality of the mattress or bed frame.


Sleep is an essential part of life and one of my favorite parts of life; a comfortable environment for sleep allows the body to relax fully.

Hopefully, you managed to find a suitable way to fix your mattress cover from sliding with some of these tips above and now get a couple of extra minutes of beauty sleep. Not that you need it, of course! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
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