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Best Mattress Topper for Heavy Person

People have different requirements for a mattress topper, depending on your age, health issues, and particularly weight.

If you’re overweight, you probably want to squeeze the maximum comfort and support out while sleeping.

Getting the right mattress topper can make THE difference to your sleep.

Spoiler alert:

It probably sounds a no-brainer to avoid very soft and look for firmer toppers. If you want to know how to choose the perfect mattress topper for heavy people, then scroll down for our ultimate buying guide.

Let’s not waste any longer on this intro and jump straight into the good stuff!

Some of the best options for mattress toppers are listed below:

Best Mattress Toppers for Heavy People Comparison Table

      American Conventional

  • 3'' Thickness

  • 33 lb Compression

  • PURgreen Certification

Sleep on Latex Natural Latex

  • 1'',2'',3'' Thickness

  • 100% Latex

  • Regulates Temperature

Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Memory Foam

  • 4'' Thickness

  • Memory Foam + Fiber

  • 10-year Warranty

PlushBeds Natural Latex

  • 2'',3'' Thickness

  • High Density

  • 4 Firmness Levels

ViscoSoft Memory Foam

  • 3'' Thickness

  • Fairly High Density

  • Ventilated Pores

American Conventional Polyurethane Foam Mattress Pad

If you have an old sagging mattress, then this American-made queen size topper could be the remedy for you. The thickness is 3 inches, making it exceptionally comfortable for overweight people as it will not sink quickly and won’t get damaged either rapidly


⭐Thickness: The thickness is 3 inches, and the size of the mattress is queen. However, there is no mention of density.
⭐ Material: Polyurethane foam, which has a certification of PURgreen, making it safe for the environment.
⭐ Support: This is a relatively firm mattress topper and therefore is quite supportive for all weight group people and is perfect for those who have back and joint problems.
⭐ Compression: The mattress topper has a compression of 33 pounds, making the surface firm and comfortable.

Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you’re looking for natural material, then perhaps take a look at latex toppers. The pure green topper is 100% latex without any synthetic fillers added. Natural latex provides excellent support and breathability as it adds different aesthetics to the bed. This is probably one of the best latex mattress topper for heavy person.


⭐ Material: The material used is pure and 100% latex making it environment-friendly and skin-friendly as well.
⭐ Thickness: Three thicknesses available: 1”,2” and 3”. If you’re not sure, go for the middle option. The more you weigh, the thicker topper should be.
⭐ Support: This mattress topper design provides pinpoint support to the entire body and its curves, reducing body pain and discomfort.
⭐ Temperature regulation: Good thing about latex is that it can regulate temperature, which helps keep you cool during any time of the year, thus minimizing stuffiness and hot, sweaty sleep.

Sleep on Latex Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Are you looking for extra comfort? Then the Sleep Innovation dual layer mattress topper with the 4-inch thickness could be your savior. The mattress has a layer of gel memory foam, AND quilted fiber held together by an outer fitting cover. Good option if you’re looking for a cheap mattress topper.


⭐ Material: Memory foam helps to regulate the temperature, and the quilted fiber is for extra comfort.
⭐ Thickness: The mattress topper is 4 inches with each layer of 2-inch thickness — a decent option for people who sleep on their back and side.
⭐ Support: The topper’s support distributes nicely and helps in sleeping without joint or back discomfort and extra pressure on the body structure.
⭐ Warranty: 10 years.

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

Are you health conscious and keep a clear check on what you’re inhaling from the furnishings around you?
Consider PlushBeds latex toppers. Packed with pure and organic latex without any artificial material added to them.
Also, they are certified for being free from volatile organic compounds.


⭐ Material: Natural latex helps with temperature regulation and support.
⭐ Hypoallergenic: These latex toppers are organic and thus are completely safe for skin and allergic reactions.
⭐ Greenguard gold certified: These toppers are certified and have no volatile organic compounds in them, which can be inhaled and can cause health disorders.
⭐ Support: These are reasonably high-density mattress toppers meaning they will not sag or sink underweight or pressure over time as quickly. You can also choose between four firmness levels. From soft to extra-firm. Perfect if you’re a big person.

ViscoSoft Memory Foam Mattress Topper

ViscoSoft has developed a decent high-density (3 lb) memory foam mattress pad that is a formidable option for slightly overweight people. The removable cover makes this topper maintenance super-easy. This is one of the best memory foam mattress topper out there considering the price.

Also, it does look quite cool.


⭐ Material: High-density memory foam, known for its curve support and pressure point relief, makes it perfect for overweight people.
⭐ Thickness: This ViscoSoft topper comes in all popular sizes, but there’s only one thickness, which is 3”.
⭐ Breathable: The topper has the foam with ventilated pores, which keeps the temperature regulated, so no more sweating while sleeping.
⭐ Support: Thanks to high-density, the mattress support has a perfect firmness for sleeping on the side or back without causing body aches.

Mattress Topper Buyer’s Guide for Overweight People

This guide will help you get a clear idea of what you want and how the correct mattress topper can help you sleep better at night.

What’s the benefit of a mattress topper if I’m obese?

A good mattress topper will not only help people sleep better but will also help in many other ways like:

⭐ Helps with a better sleeping position
⭐ Less pressure on the joints
⭐ Minimizes the body aches in the morning
⭐ Increases breathability and thus reduce stiffness and sweating while sleeping
⭐ Allows the partner to sleep properly
⭐ Increases the life of the mattress.

Which material is the best for heavy people?

Memory foam and latex are the most common and popular choices. That’s why we have mostly picked these materials in our guide.

Memory foam is known for its appropriate firmness and softness, which is perfect for coziness and joint support at the same time. It also helps to keep the heat regulated.

But in return, latex also has some of the features. It’s not only firm enough but is also breathable. Natural latex toppers are high-density, making it a better choice for heavy people. On the downside, that also means it’s slightly more expensive.

How firm should the mattress topper be?

Being heavier in weight means one can sink into the mattress or the topper making it too difficult to move or find a good sleeping position.

That is why medium-firm or firm mattress toppers should be preferred. However, the topper should not be too soft or too firm, which can cause joint pains.

Being heavier in weight means one can sink into the mattress or the topper making it too difficult to move or find a good sleeping position.

That is why medium-firm or firm mattress toppers should be preferred. However, the topper should not be too soft or too firm, which can cause joint pains.

What’s the ideal thickness for a mattress pad for heavy people?

The thickness of the mattress topper should be enough to handle the weight of the heavier people. Yet, it should not diminish the effect of the mattress underneath it. It is advisable to choose 2 or 3 inches-thick toppers, which will be comfortable sleeping without giving too much heat.

Also, consider density, but we will get to that in a moment.

Why are high-density toppers the way to go?

Mattress toppers should not give that sinking feeling, and that is why choosing a high-density topper could be a key to find the perfect topper.

A high-density topper will keep the bodyweight well distributed and on a firm topper surface. If someone has joint pains and aches, then a high-density topper will reduce the extra pressure on the joints, hips, and back.

Low-density toppers are not only uncomfortable for overweight people but will get damaged quickly as well.

Size – Consider this if you sleep with a partner

If someone sleeps with a partner and they have a significant difference in weight with each other, then it makes sense to consider their comfort as well.

These days you can easily find dual-sided mattress toppers, which differ in firmness on both sides. A heavier person requires a firmer topper, but a thinner person can find the same firmness quite uncomfortable. They can either choose a separate smaller topper for themselves or can get a dual mattress topper.

Durability – How to choose a mattress topper that will last years?

Choose a mattress topper of a good quality that is made of durable material and has enough support. A good topper can last for 3 to 4 years easily without much damage.
Also, the thickness and usage will decide how much the topper wears in the coming years. High density also helps with durability.

Which toppers help with cooling?

All of us can get hot during sleeping, but if you’re on the heavy side, you might sink into the mattress more easily, so consider opting for firm mattress toppers, which will reduce the sinking.

To avoid sweating while sleeping, opt for latex or hybrid mattress toppers, which are cool and regulate the temperature according to the climatic conditions. If you prefer memory foam, then choose cooling memory foam to avoid sleeping hot.

Why is it important to avoid cheap materials?

Cheap stuff like polycarbonate can be stiff and hot and can get damaged quickly too. High-quality brands often make high-density toppers, which means they spend more material per mattress topper, which in turn means a higher price.

Is a memory foam topper a good idea for morbidly obese people?

Memory foam is one of the most common and popular materials for mattresses and mattress toppers. But in reality, memory foam can be quite a disappointment. After a few months, memory foam can lose its bounce-back capabilities, so you can see that the topper is sinking and sagging.

This can lead to further joint and back problems. Also, the memory foam tends to sink and does not have good heat regulation quality, so people can feel hot and stuffy while sleeping.

How various sleeping positions affect choosing a mattress topper?

While buying a mattress topper, it is crucial to consider the sleeping position that is slept in the most, whether one is a back sleeper, side sleeper, or a combination sleeper. This will decide the firmness and density.

Can you fix a sinking mattress with a mattress topper?

Short answer? No.

It’s better to invest in a new mattress than try to patch it up with a mattress topper. Your new mattress topper may not be firm or sturdy enough to fix the sagginess. And if it is, then it will probably feel like sleeping on concrete.


hope this guide made it easier to choose the best mattress topper for heavy person. If you have any tips, recommendations, or anything to say, feel free to use our comment section!

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